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Repurpose & remonitize your content.

Slice, remix & make new products

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Use our platform to quickly slice your content and create new, fully packaged short content. Mix & match content using our Remix App to create new custom ebooks. Manage files, edit metadata, upload to the Slicebooks Store & your Store Apps or distribute to your own channels.

Who's using Slicebooks?

Over 300 publishers have signed up so far


Upload to an iTunes-style retail platform

The first store designed to give consumers "whole, sliced & remixable" content.


The Slicebooks Store gives consumers the freedom to get whole books & journals, or get that content by-the-slice (ie. chapter), or mix & match content from various sources to create their own custom ebooks.

Why slice and remix your content? Watch the video

Instant store on your site.

Customize the app with your sliced & remixable content. Sets up in minutes.

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Embeds on your site to create an instant and customized Slicebooks Store. Your customers get your content sliced & remixable. Got other imprints or authors with blogs? Put apps on their sites and turn them into your resellers.

Wait… what?

I can filter the app so that, from my site, my customers can get only my sliced content? And they can make their own remixed ebooks? And my authors, imprints and partners can have their own apps and become my resellers?

Yes to all of that! You can set filters to control what content appears. Create vertical markets with targeted content. The more places you put your store apps the bigger your reseller channel grows.

Brand your own responsive Slicebooks Store.

Go direct to your customers with all the slicing & remixing bells and whistles.

White label devices

Contact us about building your own custom store, with all the features and functionality of the Slicebooks Store. Localize, internationalize, launch Slicebooks in your country. Learn more.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group aims to rejuvenate their journal program, so we’re building them a white label version of the Slicebooks Store as their new journal home. We’re also building a new journal subscription module to make online subscriptions for digital content easy. All journal content will be sliced, and consumers will be able to mix & match journal articles to create custom collections. View Store.
CMS Features

Slice eBooks, magazines, journals & more to instantly create fully-packaged short content.

Slice ebooks, journals, magazines and other files instantly. Create new, ready-to-publish sections, chapters, articles & more from your existing content. Upload slices to the Slicebooks Store and your store app, add them to your own custom remixes or download them and distribute through your own network.


Mix & match content to make custom ebooks.

With our Remix app it’s easy to repurpose your existing content. Mix and match content to create new, ready-to-publish custom ebooks like course packs, training manuals, travel guides and more. You can even add your own custom covers. And with a few clicks, upload them to the Slicebooks Store, sell them on your Store app or download them to your own network.


Edit & manage metadata for slices & remixes.

When you slice or create remixes all parent metadata is transferred to your new content, so they are ready to be published. You can edit and update that metadata using our CMS tools. Want to distribute your new content? You can also download metadata in either ONIX or csv format.


Track and manage store apps from your administration dashboard.

When you launch new store apps, a white label store or publish files to the Slicebooks Store, all settings and sales reports can be tracked from within the CMS. Add an app or 3, edit app settings, check your titles on the Slicebooks Store and more.


Keep tabs on your CMS activity with our built-in analytic tables.

At a glance you can view your usage and publishing statistics on your analytics page, including details like how many files have been sliced or remixed, store and app activity, user remixes and real-time sales summaries.


Instantly publish to the store and your store apps.

In a couple of clicks you can publish ebooks, slices and remixed ebooks to the Slicebooks Store and your Store apps. Built-in social media fields let you quickly promote your newly published products.

Store App Features
Create store

Embed a customized store on your site in just a few clicks.

With just a few clicks you can customize your store app. Filter the content by author, publisher, category or tags. Cut and paste the html code onto your site and in minutes you have a fully functional Slicebooks Store.

Phone content

All app content is always available to your customers whole, by-the-slice, and remixable.

Whether you load the app with just your own content or the entire Slicebooks catalog, your customers always have the freedom of getting the entire book or just a chunk of it. And for the first time, consumers can also mix and match right on the app to create a custom ebook.


Checkout happens within the app. That means your customers stay at your site.

Whether customers buy a book or a slice, or put together a custom remix, checkout doesn’t require them to leave your site. Instead it can all happen right within the app on your page. So your customers stay right where you want them.